Sori Vintage Set I

Hinta: 35,90 €
27,20 €/L
Varastotilanne:  Varastossa

In the set: 

1x Laudatur XVIII 10,1% 0,33L bottle (11.04.2023)

1x Window Weather 10,5% 0,33L bottle (Best Before: 14.05.2019)

1x Pareto 2017 11,5% 0,33L bottle (09.10.2022)

1x Conca d'Oro 2016 11,5% 0,33L bottle (Best Before: 14.10.2018)

Määrä (Laatikko):  

Sori has released a number of beers over the years, some of wich we have hidden in the secret part of our warehouse. But it's time for them to come out and play now.

NB! There is a limited amount of sets available! Grab your while you can!

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