Last Chance!

Hinta: 24,90 €
18,86 €/L
Yksikkö:  pcs
Varastotilanne:  Varastossa

In the box:

1x From Tallinn to Bodegraven 10,5% 0,33L bottle

1x Window Weather 10,5% 0,33L bottle

1x Lost Antiques 10,8% 0,33L bottle

1x Polyphemus 12% 0,33L bottle*





*Best Before 15.03.2022 Please nothe this product has been stored in a cool, dark place and is still, decpite the best before date, good for a few years to come

Määrä (pcs):  

Over the years we've made many different beers, some of which we've hidden away for the future, because why not. In this set, you'll get four different beers that will never be available again afterwards and therefore the selection changes every once in a while. Blink and you might miss your last chance!


Links to Untappd: From Tallinn To Bodegraven/Window Weather/Lost Antiques/Polyphemus


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