Joulu Box

Hinta: 69,90 €
Yksikkö:  Pcs
Varastotilanne:  Varastossa

In the box:

1x Triple Berry Punch 7.0% 0,33L cans

1x Triple Exotic Fruit Punch 7,5% 0,33L cans

2x Ensemble Three 8,1% 0,44L cans

2x Ensemble Five 8,3% 0,44L cans

2x Tim & Rob Brewers' Pilsner 0,44L cans

2x Cape Hope 8,3 % 0,44L cans

1x Coffee Gorilla 7,0%

1x After Ski IPA 5,5%

1x Celtus Rye Wine 

Määrä (Pcs):  

This is the box for the Christmas Holidays! In this box you can find big selection of various beer styles suitable for slow sipping or with dinner with your family. A perfect box to go trough a weekend or two. Check out the untappd ratings, you wont be dissapointed! 

Links to Untappd: Ensemble Three/Ensemble Five/Triple Berry Punch/Triple Exotic Fruit Punch/Tim & Rob Brewers' Pils/Cape Hope

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