Hybrid Treats Vol.9: Marshmallow Glazed Oreos

Hinta: 9,90 €
30,00 €/L
Varastotilanne:  Varastossa

Hybrid Treats Vol. 9: Marshmellow Glazed Oreos alc. 12% vol. 0,33L can


Contains barley, wheat, oat

Määrä (can):  

Experience sinfully delicious flavors with our Imperial Pastry Stout infused with marshmallow glazed oreos. The velvety smooth stout perfectly complements the crunchy, chocolatey cookie and gooey, fluffy marshmallow, creating a satisfyingly sweet dessert beer. So indulge your sweet tooth and savor the ultimate indulgence with our marshmallow glazed oreo Imperial Pastry Stout!

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