Hybrid Treats Vol.1: Cinnamon Bun & Coffee

Hinta: 9,90 €
30,00 €/L
Yksikkö:  can
Varastotilanne:  Varastossa

Hybrid Treats Vol.1: Cinnamon Bun & Coffee 0,33L can 12% Imperial Pastry Stout

Määrä (can):  

Breakfast for dessert? Or dessert for breakfast? Here at Sori we believe that mealtimes are an outdated social construct used to shame people who rightly wish to indulge their sweet tooth at any time of day. Don’t be afraid to get your fingers sticky, and dive into the decadent combo of creamy espresso and sweet, indulgent, bakery fresh cinnamon bun in the velvety goodness of this Imperial Pastry Stout



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