Easter Box

Hinta: 129,00 €
Yksikkö:  Laatikko
Varastotilanne:  Varastossa

In the box: 

2x Exotic Punch 7,5% 033L cans

2x Triple Berry Punch 7% 0,33L cans

2x Ensemble Three 8,1% 0,44L cans

2x Ensemble Five 8,3% 0,44L cans

2x Ensemble Nine 8% 0,44L cans

2x Ensemble Ten 8,2% 0,44L cans

2x Cape Hope 8,3% 0,44L cans

2x Vanilla Cake Fever 9,9% 0,33L bottles

2x Coffee Gorilla 7% 0,33L bottles

2x Dark Humor Club: Bourbon Vanilla bottles

Määrä (Laatikko):  

Easter marks the beginning of Spring for most people. It's not very warm yet, but we're already dreaming of summer days, sipping on sours and NEIPAs, finishing off the day with something darker. Easter weekend is a long one, the perfect time to practice for the upcoming summer season!


Links to Untappd: Exotic Punch/Triple Berry/Ensemble Three/Ensemble Five/Ensemble Nine/Ensemble Ten/Cape Hope/Vanilla Cake Fever/Coffee Gorilla/Dark Humor Club: Bourbon Vanilla

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