Cookies with Dinos

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14,85 €/L
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Cookies with Dinos (Collab with Neon Raptor) alc. 6% vol. 0,33L can


Contains barley, wheat, oat

Määrä (Tölkki):  

ntroducing "Cookies with Dinos," an uproarious collaboration between your favorite beer-saurians at Neon Raptor and us! This New England IPA, hopped with Sabro, Mosaic, and Cashmere, delivers a prehistoric punch of tropical and citrus flavors. But the twist? We've infused it with Cannabis aroma terpenes from the 'Girl Scout Cookies' variety. Don't worry, no raptors or humans will go Jurassic! It's all about the tantalizing aroma adventure, not hallucinations. Sip, savor, and take a bite out of time. With "Cookies with Dinos," even velociraptors can't resist these hilarious hoppy treats!

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