Can Box

Hinta: 60,00 €
11,36 €/L
Yksikkö:  Laatikko
Varastotilanne:  Varastossa

In the box: 

2x Hybrid Treats Vol4: Raspberry Cream Donut 12% 0,33L cans

2x Out Of Office 4,5% 0,44L cans

2x Ensemble Three 8,1% 0,44L cans

2x Ensemble Five 8,3% 0,44L cans

2x Madonna 5,3% 0,44L cans

2x Vermont Hustler 5,5% 0,44L cans

Määrä (Laatikko):  

Nowadays pretty much everyone knows that canned beer doesn't automatically mean cheap and horrible. Quite the opposite actually! Cans keep away beers two main enemies: Oxigen and Light. It also travels safer and lighter so you can carry more of your favourite brews in one go!


Links To Untappd: Ensemble Three/Ensemble Five/Raspberry Cream Donut/Out Of Office/Madonna of Sori/Vermont Hustler

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