Best of Sori

Hinta: 110,00 €
Yksikkö:  pcs
Varastotilanne:  Varastossa

In the box:

2x Laudatur XX 12,3% 0,33L bottles

2x Maximon 10,5% 0,33L bottles

2x Shadow Game VI 13,2%  0,33L bottles

2x Harrier's Dive Bourbon BA 13% 0,33L bottles

2x Neon City 10,9%  0,33L bottles

2x Pareto 2020 11,5% 0,33L bottles

2x Lost Room 11,5% 0,33L bottles

2x Anniversary Barley Wine 2017 11,6% 0,33L bottles*



*Please note that this beer has been aged and cellared at the brewery. Because of the vintage cellaring, Sori Brewing guarantees minimum best before date until 30.6.2021 for it despite the bottle markings

Määrä (pcs):  

All of your, and our ours, favourite Sori bestsellers in one place. Something old, Something new, Something blue. 


Links to Untappd: Shadow Game VI/Harrier's Dive Bourbon/Laudatur XX/Maximon/Neon City/Pareto 2020/Lost Room/Anniversary Barley Wine 2017

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