Best of Sori

Hinta: 110,00 €
20,83 €/L
Varastotilanne:  Varastossa

In the box:

2x Electric Cake 11% 0,33L bottles

2x Batch no. 666 12,3% 0,33L bottles

2x Shadow Game VI 13,2%  0,33L bottles

2x Hybrid Treats Estonian Apple Pie 12% 0,33L cans

2x Dark Humor Club Bourbon Vanilla 8%  0,33L cans

2x Hybrid Treats Tiramisu 12% 0,33L cans

2x Dark Humor Club Pecan 10% 0,33L cans

2x Hybrid Treats Raspberry Cream Donut 12% 0,33L cans

Määrä (Laatikko):  

All of your, and ours, favourite Sori bestsellers in one place. Something old, Something new, Something blue. 


Links to Untappd: Shadow Game VI/Hybrid Treats Estonian Apple Pie/Electric Cake/Batch no. 666/Dark Humor Club Bourbon Vanilla/Hybrid Treats Tiramisu/Dark Humor Club Pecan/Hybrid Treats Raspberry Cream Donut

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