Hybrid Treats 5-8

Hind: 29,90 €
22,65 €/L
Ühik:  Box
Laoseis:  Laos


1x Hybrid Treats: Pistachio Gelato 12% 0,33L purk

1x Hybrid Treats: Coconut & Rum Truffle 12% 0,33L purk

1x Hybrid Treats: Chocolate Strawberries & Whipped Cream 12% 0,33L purk

1x Hybrid Treats: Tiramisu 12% 0,33L purk

Kogus (Box):  

The next four instalments in the sinfully delicious series of Hybrid Treats are here! This time we're treating you with Pistachio Gelato, a summer Stout inspired by a big bowl of gelato, enjoyed on the terrace. Coconut & Rum Truffle, a party classic, that's packed full of coconut and chocolate flavours, that are tied together with sticky Caribbean Rum. And who doesn't know the classic combination of chocolate-covered strawberries with whipped cream? A dessert that's decadent, hedonistic and romantic. And lastly-Tiramisu. Debatably the queen of desserts. A beautiful concoction of chocolate, cold brew coffee, Amaretto and vanilla custard, with a side of a little bit of Sori touch. 


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