Ensembles 11-14

Hind: 22,90 €
13,01 €/L
Ühik:  Box
Laoseis:  Laos


1x Ensemble 11 8% 0,44L purk

1x Ensemble 12 8,1% 0,44L purk

1x Ensemble 13 5,5% 0,44L purk

1x Ensemble 14 5,5% 0,44L purk

Kogus (Box):  

Sori's symphony of hops continues! The next four instalments in the Ensemble series are ready for you. Ensemble 11 and 12 are juicy double New England IPA's. Ensemble 11 is brewed with Australian Vic Secret and American Idaho 7 hops. A song of Tropical fruits, citrus and pine with an underscore of juice and haze. Ensemble 12 is brewed with Strata and Mosaic hops. Loaded with flavours of passionfruit, grapefruit, lime and fresh berries to top up the tempo in our latest allegro. 

Ensemble 13 and 14 are lighter, 5,5%, New England IPA's. Ensemble 13 showcases tropical Australian favourite hops Galaxy and Enigma, with the stone fruit characters of Yellow Sub. Ensemble 14 is our first exciting taste of South African hop variety African Queen, with a spicy and sweet fruit profile to compliment the American classic, Mosaic.

Links to Untappd: 11/12/13/14

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