Vappu Box

Price: 69,90 €
11,99 €/L
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In the box: 

3x Out of Office 4,5% 0,44L cans
2x Blaenk 5,2% 0,44L cans 
2x Raspberry Punch 4% 0,33L bottles 
3x Lost Baggage 7,5% 0,33L bottles
2x Glögg Sour 5,5% 0,33L cans
2x DHC Smoke & Peat 10% 0,33L cans
1x Electric Cake 11% 0,33L bottle
1x Batch 666 12,3% 0,33L bottle

Qty. (Box):  

Unofficially, Labor Day marks the beginning of the Spring/Summer season for us up here in the north. The ground is dry enough to lay down the picnic blankets. The birds are singing and the sun warm enough that it’s not entirely freezing to be outside for longer than 10 minutes. So to ring in the 2023 season and to enjoy the day outdoors, we have prepared a selection of beers for you consisting of our popular IPAs, stouts and a summery sours. 


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