Ensemble Mix Box

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In the box:

2x Ensemble Three 8,1% 0,44L cans

2x Ensemble Five 8,3% 0,44L cans

2x Ensemble Eleven 8% 0,44L cans

2x Ensemble Twelve 8,1% 0,44L can

2x Ensemble Thirteen 5,5% 0,44L cans

2x Ensemble Fourteen 5,5% 0,44L cans

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Cans, ensemble! If you're a fan of the hazy and hoppy New England IPA style, then you've come to the right place to find your next favourite beers. 


Links to Untappd: Ensemble Three/Ensemble Five/Ensemble Ten/Ensemble Eleven/Ensemble Twelve/Ensemble Thirteen/Ensemble Fourteen

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