Dark Times Mix Box

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15,15 €/L
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In the box:

4x Dark Humor Club: Winter Oak 10,3% 0,33L cans

4x Dark Humour Club: Hot Chocolate 10,2% 0,33L cans

4x Electric Cake 11% 0,33L bottles

4x Batch no. 666 12,3% 0,33L bottles

Qty. (pcs):  

Sometimes life is hard and it looks like dark times. But then all you need is something good to sip on and relax for a moment. We believe in the power of a good beer. If you haven't yet, then you should definitely try it out. Maybe it'll work for you, too. 


Links to Untappd: Dark Humor Club: Winter Oak/Dark humour Club: Hot Chocolate/Electric Cake/Batch no. 666

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