Christmas Calendar 2021

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Sori Christmas Calendar 2021 with 24 unique beers!

Free shipping if ordering other products with over 80 EUR (also valid to gift cards)! Calendar and other products are shipped separately.

Calendars ship late November. Delivery before the 1st of December is guaranteed when ordering before 15.11. We will try to ship as soon as possible after!

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Free shipping if ordering other products with over 80 EUR (also valid to gift cards)!

The Christmas Calendar you've waited for! 24 days of different handcrafted Sori beers. Our calendar promises you an amazing price quality, that will put a smile on your face each day!

Whats inside

Our calendar is filled with 24 different amazing Sori beers - something special for each day counting down to Christmas. The calendar is full of everything Sori: lagers, IPAs, stouts and Baltic porters -  and yes, the calendar also includes some highly acclaimed beers from our Barrel Aged range, as well as a brand new special christmas treat!

Sori calendar is the perfect way to enjoy December evenings or give as a present for someone special. 

The packaging

The calendar is packed into a sturdy transport box that ensures the calendar arrives at your door safely and the beautiful box design by Nella Leppä ensures that this thing looks pretty under a Christmas tree.

Shipping and discounts

Order calendar + beers worth min. +80 EUR with your order, and we give free shipping!

Calendars ship in November, other things come earlier. No discounts for calendars.

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