Barrel Aged Box

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2x Pareto 2019 11,5% 0,33L bottle

2x Harrier's Dive Port BA 11,5% 0,33L bottle

2x Anniversary Barley Wine 2017 11,6% 0,33L bottle*

2x Harrier's Dive Bourbon BA 13% 0,33L bottle

2x Laudatur XIX 10,4% 0,33L bottle

2x Anniversary Barley Wine 2018 11,2% 0,33L bottle

2x Anniversary Barley Wine 2019 11,2% 0,33L bottle

2x Blind Doctor Brandy BA 12% 0,33L bottle


*Please note that this beer has been aged and cellared at the brewery. Because of the vintage cellaring, Sori Brewing guarantees minimum best before date until 30.6.2021 for it despite the bottle markings

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Barrel aged beers are our bread and butter. We love doing them and we do them well. Barrel ageing takes maybe otherwise not so interesting beer and gives it fun characteristics, flavours and smells. Do you wanna have fun? This is how you have fun. 


Liks to Untappd: Pareto 2019/Harrier's Dive Port/Anniversary Barley Wine 17/Harrier's Dive Bourbon/Laudatur XIX/Anniversary Barley Wine 18/Anniversary Barley Wine 19/Blind Doctor

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