August Fresh Box

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The freshest Sori beers straight from Sori!

In the box:

3x Ensemble Three 8,1 % 0,44L cans

3x Ensemble Five 8,3% 0,44L cans

3x Beautiful Bellini 5,5% 0,44L cans

2x Yes IPA 5,5% 0,33L bottles

2x Hardly Working Pils 4,7% 0,33L bottles

Qty. :  

This is fresh! Five different hoppy and fruity beers in one box and as fresh as you can possibly get. All beers have been bottled or canned between 23.7 - 13.8.2020. Can't get any fresher than this! 


Links to Untappd: Ensemble Three / Ensemble Five / Beautiful Bellini / Yes IPA / Hardly Working

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